Case Study

Inside Sales Program Development


A top North American building manufacturer had no formal inside sales function and needed to reduce overall cost-of-sales. Field representatives were spending significant time on low-value activities.


The client needed to develop a strategic roadmap for their inside sales program. They also required a new implementation program with a phased approach.


The Alexander Group (AGI) designed an inside sales coverage model and job roles. The revamped coverage approach was a new go-to-market model, incorporating inside sales down market to ensure lower cost-to-serve. They also created a detailed work plan for buyer journey, hiring, tools and launch.

AGI built the foundation of an inside sales model, including go-to-market approach and enablement functions. The inside sales blueprint would launch a new inside sales program, ensuring success of quick wins and long-term initiatives.


The client realigned their go-to-market coverage model for better cost-to-serve, providing reach and frequency to downmarket accounts. The blueprint established primary sales process responsibilities, including rules of engagement. They implemented the comprehensive blueprint, providing implementation action plan to scale organization. The team
has already doubled in size and the client is finding great success handling customers who may have been barely seen by an outside rep in the past.

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