The front-line sales manager (FSLM) is a fundamentally critical role that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Are you looking to scale the business, transform your sales model or build new selling skills? Companies succeed or fail based on the performance of their sellers. The key influence on seller success is the direct supervisor…the FLSM.

I am pleased to announce the release of Alexander Group’s new book, “The Front-Line Sales Manager ─ Field General.”

Explore how a new way of thinking about FLSMs is helping sales leaders shift their organizations into higher seller performance and success. This is a new approach to sales management and a paradigm shift for the field.

At 2:43 in this video podcast, I share the five acumen of great FLSMs that are required for a successful sales transformation.

If you are contemplating a sales force transformation, have you assessed the readiness of your FLSM team to step up and take charge in the field? Are they ready?

Contact us to discuss the impact of the five acumen on your field organization. Get your copy of the new book to learn how to apply its principals to support your transformation.

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