In part one and two of this series, the Alexander Group (AGI) shared key study findings from the recent Media Ad Sales Survey on transitioning to solution selling and how to cultivate effective sales teams. In the final part of this series, AGI reviews how to improve offerings across business portfolios.

Building New Sales Capabilities for Programmatic Solutions

Survey participants continue to increase their focus on programmatic solutions. Fifty percent of participants are adding more specialists, 27 percent are aligning sales compensation to business objectives and 23 percent are adding internal trading desks. Winning media companies are increasing wallet share by using open programmatic as an entryway and then moving to closed programmatic (PMP) to bundle with other digital solution elements.

Participants reported that mobile revenue grew an average of 400 percent from 2013 to 2015 (with pure plays leading this incline). Successful mobile sellers lead the trend with rich media. Half of the survey participants plan to hire more mobile editors. Publishers realize they must change their sales DNA as they pursue direct competition with agencies. And nearly all of the participants noted that video will be a significant driver of mobile growth.

Many of the survey participants anticipate their native advertising business growing significantly in the next year, but most feel underinvested and unprepared. The ability to hire significant new native content support talent is a top executive concern. Since 2013, the ratio of native content support to account executives has increased by 83 percent.

Developing a New Partner Ecosystem Based on Digital Objectives

To maximize ROI today, media companies must build a new partner ecosystem that aligns with their specific digital growth objectives.

Over half of the participants will increase their number of ecosystem partners. Most companies are working hard to leverage social networks effectively.

Learn more about the Alexander Group’s Media practice, or contact us for a detailed briefing of these survey findings.

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