As medical device companies continue to evaluate what’s happening in the marketplace, Doug Beveridge and Tray Chamberlin of the Alexander Group discuss key points companies should consider for revenue growth strategy.

At 3:56, learn more about the top three things medical device leaders should do to be successful in hitting their revenue growth goals:

  • Understand what (if any) changes to make to accommodate the new customer buying journey
  • Use new strategies, roles, coverage options and messages to reach customers
  • Deploy programs to implement the new strategies to adapt to new customer needs

Co-author: Tray Chamberlin is a director in Alexander Group’s Atlanta office.

We look forward to sharing more findings from our recent Medical Device Go-to-Customer Study in future articles.

Learn more about AGI’s Medical Device practice and how we can help drive revenue growth through more efficient and effective use of selling resources.


Insight type: Article

Industry: Healthcare, Medical Device

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Revenue Growth, Strategy

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