While hospitals remain the main source of revenue for medical device firms, post-acute care continues to gain importance. In fact, Alexander Group’s research shows 67 percent of organizations recognize the gradual shift of procedures from acute to post-acute and other outpatient facilities as important to their go-to-customer model. But only one-third of those companies feel they are ready for this shift.

In this video, Tray Chamberlin discusses the rising importance of the post-acute seller. Learn about these top trends that are causing the industry to stand up and take notice:

  1. Significant growth opportunities exist in post-acute care
  2. The cost of revenue growth is lower than acute care
  3. The post-acute sales motion is unique

To learn more about the rising opportunities in the post-acute world and insights from our study findings, contact us today.


Insight type: Article

Industry: Healthcare, Medical Device

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Strategy

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