Distribution Case Study Alexander Group, Inc partner manufacturerSituation:
A high-tech manufacturer had multiple partner programs with no clear owner or standard processes. As a result, programs hadn’t kept pace with competitor programs leading to complaints from customers on ease of doing business and below-market incentives. Gaps also existed internally with excessive administrative headcount and an artificial cap on business capacity.

The manufacturer needed to create a world class platform that will enable, support and incentivize partners to compete and win in the marketplace.  Determining improvement areas was a top priority to close the gap between current programs and best-of-breed programs.

The Alexander Group (AGI) completed a “go-to-partner” capabilities assessment using AGI’s proven program framework covering strategy, infrastructure, enablement, remuneration and execution. AGI catalogued all program elements, analyzed historical partner revenue contribution, surveyed hundreds of partners to establish competitive benchmarks and prioritized a practical set of improvement opportunities. Finally, AGI created a three-year partner optimization roadmap subsequently presented to executive leadership to drive consensus on priorities for achieving best-of-breed aspirations.

Further stakeholder (program owners, executive team, operations) education and alignment laid the foundation for targeted and motivated change. With the help of the Alexander Group, the manufacturer is now executing the roadmap providing a pathway to building partner programs that will accelerate growth for the vendor and its partner ecosystem.

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