AGI-CaseStudies-Private-Equity-Firm-Transforms-the-Sales-OrganizationSituation: With growth limited to the US market and consolidation among end customers, a $300M software applications company was increasingly challenged to find sales growth opportunities. The company’s growth came from acquisitions, resulting in varied levels of sales competency to address customer needs. Additionally, the company relied primarily on product-centric sales forces and had difficulty selling its full portfolio of solutions.

Challenge: The company sought an in-depth assessment of its sales function and, ultimately, a strategic sales transformation to become a world-class sales organization, part of which required a new go-to-market strategy focused on customer acquisition.

Solution: Alexander Group conducted a comprehensive assessment of the company’s sales organization focused on the go-to-market strategy, job role clarity, talent and compensation and sales enablement tools. We worked collaboratively with key client stakeholders to identify areas for improvement, prioritize transformation initiatives and develop detailed implementation and change-management plans to ensure adoption
and ownership. In the end, the Alexander Group transformed every aspect of the sales organization from its customer segmentation and coverage model to its sales jobs and incentive compensation.

Benefit: Armed with a comprehensive roadmap for a phased approach, the executive team began a multi-year effort to transform the sales organization. Initial changes included not only a redefined segmentation model based on company size and line of business, but also a dynamic headcount sizing model allowing for real-time adjustment that sales leaders used to build equitable territory maps and assignments for each segment.

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Insight type: Case Study

Industry: Private Equity, Technology

Role: C-Suite

Topic: Sales Enablement, Sales Transformation

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