A private equity owned tech company lacked a value proposition for its new market, which limited growth. The new market struggle distracted the sales force and put its legacy business at risk. The company attempted to sell into both markets with a generalist sales force and failed in each market.

The company needed to determine why growth stalled, and how to accelerate sales results.

The Alexander Group conducted a comprehensive assessment through interviews, focus groups, ride-alongs, and quantitative benchmarking and analysis. The Alexander Group identified multiple initiatives to help the sales organization hit growth goals. Conversion-Penetration-Retention (CPR) analysis confirmed the need for more focus on the legacy market. Additional findings confirmed the need to direct the new market sellers into specific revenue growth segments, with unique value propositions, sales roles and processes. The transformation also required changes in senior leadership.

The company saw an immediate positive impact by breaking its sales force into legacy and new markets. A rigorous business case justified increasing the size of the sales force. The business case also justified investments in new value propositions and marketing resources, arming the sales force with better weapons in the field. Finally, AGI’s implementation roadmap laid out all the programs needed to execute and support the transformation.

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Insight type: Case Study

Industry: Private Equity, Technology

Role: C-Suite

Topic: Sales Transformation

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