Revenue and operations leaders who are looking to ensure their sales forces are operating productively and efficiently will benefit from this series on sales asset utilization.


Part 3 focuses on the third element in our five-point Utilization framework: Sales Execution. Sales Execution is about sales force productivity and linking pay and performance to drive growth. In analyzing your sales execution, you’ll see how your revenue per seller, quota attainment rate and sales compensation plan compare to market and goals.

Watch the short video to learn how to analyze your sales execution, compare to market and drive impactful model improvements.

3. Executing your go-to-customer strategy

Stay tuned for the next video in the Sales Asset Utilization series. To learn more about how the right sales analytics can guide your revenue growth strategy, contact us today.

Co-author: Davis Giedt is a manager in Alexander Group’s Atlanta office.

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1. How Productive Is Your Sales Force?



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