The demands placed on sales operations have changed. Sales ops teams need a clear path to operate at their full potential. Rise above reactive, tactical problems to tackle the bigger charter of sales ROI. This requires strategic and structural change.

Today’s sales operations teams face the following challenges:

  • Unclear charter for the scope and objectives, rendering it stuck in the daily grind of tactical administrative “break/fix” problem solving
  • Undefined roles in sales operations resulting in lack of focus and more reactive activity
  • Lack of a clear annual planning process delaying implementation of critical programs like sales motions, territories, quotas and sales compensation
  • Untracked sales investments on tools, training and support resources leaving future investment decisions based on status quo rather than impact and ROI
  • Disconnect from business strategy and go-to-market priorities that leads to distrust between sales and sales operations
  • “Cost center” approach that renders sales operations vulnerable to cutbacks and streamlining precisely when more investment may be needed

Sales Operations Alexander Group Inc. Sales operations evolves through phases: centralization of key activities to gain efficiency and “center of excellence” benefits, increased usage of systems and tools to drive automation and analytical insights, and expansion of the sales operations function into areas such as marketing and business operations.

Through our extensive knowledge of the sales operations function, Alexander Group helps clients reinvent sales operations to focus on driving revenue growth. With a detailed look at your company’s existing sales operations function, we help you first evaluate and redefine the charter. Next, we evaluate your current investments–people, processes and tools–to determine if they are aligned with your strategy and driving the results you need. The result is often a roadmap for change–change that is structural and programmatic.

Contact us today to learn how the Alexander Group can help you ensure your sales operations function has a healthy heart and a well-functioning brain to drive sales force results and revenue growth.

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