Picture2The landscape of cloud computing is changing as more companies are adopting cloud computing infrastructures and integrating cloud into their strategy for growth. A recent study indicated that nearly half of enterprises are beyond the pilot phase of cloud adoption and nearly a third have defined a cloud computing strategy for their business(1). Furthermore, the strategic importance of the platform is expanding the discussion beyond the typical IT buyer. In fact, 72% of business users viewed cloud computing as a strategic lever for growth compared to their IT counterparts where 58% had the same sentiment(2). As adoption increases and cloud becomes more strategic to enterprises, cloud sales organizations are evolving to more effectively sell their offerings and compete in a crowded marketplace.

The Questions Still Remain
How should you evolve your sales organizations to address the changing needs of buyers?

  • Do you need to change your segmentation and coverage models to grow?
  • Do your job roles and sales processes need to change?
  • What productivity should I expect from a cloud sales rep?
  • How should sales compensation change to reflect different revenue models?

To answer many of these questions, we are excited to announce the 2014 Cloud Sales Index. The Cloud Sales Index is an annual survey targeted at pure play and hybrid cloud companies and will cover a detailed set of sales-focused practices and metrics that will provide you insight into how other companies have evolved their sales organizations.

Why You Should Participate in the Cloud Sales Index

  • Learn how to approach segmentation to maximize customer lifetime value
  • Understand how to develop go-to-market strategies and sales roles to maximize growth
  • See how to harness the indirect channel to expand reach and capabilities
  • Benchmark your sales productivity against peer companies
  • Gain insights into management of hybrid on-premise / cloud models

What You Will Receive As a Participant
As a participant, you will receive a free comprehensive report with current, industry-specific sales information including:

  • Sales Organization and Coverage Structure – learn how other companies define their sales job roles and how these jobs align to their sales processes
  • Productivity and Sales Investment – understand the impact that your sales organization structure and cost have on key customer metrics
  • Sales Compensation – see if your sales comp plan is competitive with industry pay levels and pay practices

1.    “Hosting and Cloud Study 2014:  Hosting and Cloud Go Mainstream

2.    “Under Cloud Cover:  How Leaders are Accelerating Competitive Differentiation

Learn more about the 2014 Cloud Sales Index.

Originally published by: Dale Chang


Insight type: Article

Industry: Technology, XaaS

Role: HR/Sales Compensation, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Sales Comp, Strategy

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