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COVID-19 is creating challenges for sales compensation plans. Alexander Group’s 2020 Compensation and Quota Survey results indicate that more than 82% of companies plan to provide pay adjustments for sellers such as guarantees, quota adjustments and formula changes. Should sales leaders consider changing performance measures, too? Has the mission of the sales department changed? Performance measures are the “soul” of the sales compensation plan. Moving forward, should sales leaders contemplate alternative performance measures such as customer value, economic impact, sales progression and others? Hear the latest findings and thinking about the role of performance measures in sales compensation plans.

This Ops Forum Think Tank discussion included topics like:
– Virtual and non-traditional KPIs (or performance measures) being measured and used in comp plans.
– Introducing new digital roles and whether they’re eligible for an at-risk sales comp plan.
– How has digital changed how current roles execute and associated sales comp metrics?
– Considering adding metrics (either in your plan or SPIFF) to the plan to reward new behaviors.

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