While there has been a resurgence in account management and emphasis on more scalable, digital models – specialization is by no means dead.

Deploying scientific and product-oriented specialists can be an extremely effective strategy if done correctly and discerningly. Part four of Alexander Group’s Life Sciences & Analytical Instruments six-part Winning Go-to-Customer Practices explores the value of specialization.

Watch Arshad Carim discuss the ways leaders are being judicious with when and how they deploy specialists:

  • New and Novel Technologies – Ensure technology gets the required customer coverage and seller mindshare by using dedicated, product-oriented sales forces.
  • Growth Markets – Specialist teams deliver focus on important components of growth strategy.
  • Virtual – Extend the reach of specialization via virtual specialists armed with tools such as virtual labs and AR/VR.

For more information on where and when to deploy specialists, sign up for a briefing or contact a life sciences and analytical instruments practice leader.

Learn more about all the topics in the series and join the discussion at an upcoming virtual roundtable session.

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