Dominating today’s marketplace is an informed and sophisticated customer that requires articulate business propositions along a new buyer journey—a journey that begins with enhanced awareness and ends with impactful results. To meet customers’ demands, sales operations leaders must transform themselves into revenue partners. But how?

Sales operations is uniquely equipped to bring together marketing, sales and service in pursuit of the new revenue growth equation. Their understanding of the sales process, day-to-day interaction with the go-to-customer model, and insight to the data means that sales operations leaders can succeed where others cannot through:

  • Implementation of marketing strategy by converting high-level objectives into specific segment and account targets
  • Translation of product marketing plans into customer-centric value propositions that sellers can actually use
  • Enablement of agile coverage with digital platforms that engage customers from marketing through service and can respond rapidly to opportunity and change
  • Delivery of consistent customer success by identifying what works and building best practices into the sales coverage cadence

Alexander Group’s 2018 Operations Forum explores how sales and commercial operations equip the sales function, broaden their influence and take charge of the revenue growth mandate.

“No other forum or conference in the U.S. brings together the type of talent, level of individuals or the diversity in industries like the CSE Forum. It is really unparalleled.”

VP, Sales and Strategy

“Alexander Group brings together many industries and disciplines to create an environment where leaders are truly willing to share insights.”

Corporate VP, Sales Enablement

The Sales Operations Forum delivers an effective mix of session formats that result in practical takeaways and implementable steps for cross-industry leaders: briefings/panels, keynotes and roundtables.

Read more Alexander Group insights on how sales operations can help your organization successfully fulfill its go-to-customer mandate.

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