Using technology and data to Engage the customer and Enable Marketing, Sales and Service.

The Alexander Group works with leading Life Sciences and Analytical Instrument companies to solve their revenue growth problems. Our projects range from large scale transformations and integrations to focused growth initiatives such as shifting from a traditional Inside Sales model to one that is digitally powered. Our research and benchmarks serve as a foundation for fact-based, implementable solutions.

Digital facilitates the ability for Life Sciences and Analytical Instrument companies to deploy a complex mix of revenue motions in alignment with where a customer is on their buyer journey. Technology allows customers to move across stages at rapid paces and skip stages altogether. These movements make it difficult to classify motions as Marketing, Sales, or Service using classic definitions.

Watch this presentation by Matt Greenstein of the Alexander Group to learn how your company can navigate through your digital transformation.

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Insight type: Video

Industry: Life Sciences

Role: Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Digital

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