Digitizing Revenue Growth: Building Your Roadmap

In the era of all things digital–from industry 4.0 and AI to IoT across the enterprise–how does this transformation impact the sales organization?

New buyers require fluid omni-channel approaches. Much of the buying decision is already made before most manufacturers proactively engage with customers. Over 87 percent of recent Alexander Group manufacturing study participants indicated the need to deploy more complex sales models, while 82 percent necessitate an increased focus on portfolio-selling. Ongoing improvements in technology will continue to disrupt sales models.

So how can manufacturers adopt new sales practices to drive revenue growth? Alexander Group recently held an educational webinar hosted by manufacturing.net to provide solutions and practical insights that manufacturers can apply within their own organizations.

Specifically, at 7:20 in the webinar, Kyle Uebelhor discusses what it really means to be digital–using technology to engage the customer and enable selling.

For more information on how Alexander Group can help you with your organization’s digital transformation, please contact our manufacturing practice.

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