Research Briefing

Healthcare Go-to-Market Model Transformation

Discover the trends, benchmarks and best practices to drive greater productivity through your commercial model

The healthcare market continues to evolve resulting in the following industry shifts:

  • Physician interaction preference has permanently changed
  • Hospitals have increased focus on operational efficiencies
  • Continual shift towards outpatient and home care treatment options
  • Patient preferences continue to evolve
  • Increased appetite for digitally connected products

With these market transformations, commercial leaders are adapting their go-to-market strategies to advance their commercial models, driving greater productivity. With a significant expansion in alternative roles, average revenue per sales resource has increased +10% over the past three years.

Recent Alexander Group research with 90+ healthcare firms revealed the five key levers for commercial model productivity:

  1. Changing core field rep roles due to physician interaction preferences and clinical outcome priorities
  2. Focusing on strategic account models to identify key accounts to build relationships with “influential” IDNs
  3. Deploying inside sales and hybrid roles based on growth stage, clinical intensity, primary site of care and level of GPO contracting
  4. Adopting specialized roles for new technologies (software/robotics)
  5. Engaging customers and enabling sellers through the use of improved digital technologies

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