Life Sciences 2021 Research-Alexander Group, incIndustry Commercial Predictions and Trends

The path to revenue growth will be different in the wake of 2020. The Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments industry will see a wave of accelerated growth over the next several quarters as companies continue their response to the world’s need for testing, vaccines and therapies.

In 2020, many companies demonstrated herculean feats to serve customers while pivoting to sell in a virtual world. They built production capacity, stood up new businesses, launched new products, and deployed new marketing, sales and service motions. It was truly impressive to witness the agility and ingenuity of players in this space. The accomplishments of 2020 notwithstanding, there is more work to be done.

Emerging trends will shape how commercial leaders deploy and direct their resources. Commercial organizations need to be ready to take more than their fair share. Those that act quickly and decisively will cement their three- to five-year growth path.

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