Sales Pulse Survey

The annual Alexander Group Sales Pulse Survey results are in!

Despite a more challenging economy in 2022 that includes continued inflation and interest rate hikes and some fears of recession, participants across industries surveyed anticipate strong revenue growth in 2023.

Participants also:

  • Anticipate expense budget increases in the sales function for next year at 8% for the median, and forecast growth in each of the revenue functions: marketing, sales and service
  • Plan to increase investment levels in digital channels, trying to reach target segments and customers via social media to begin a dialogue and shape attitudes prior to any sales activity
  • Anticipate investing in headcount growth in the sales function, particularly in revenue operations to improve productivity
  • Expect the majority of field sales positions, including key accounts, generalists and specialist positions, to fulfill their responsibilities in the field, on-site with customers
  • Plan to invest in the service function targeted at transforming what was a break-fixed function into a customer success advocacy
  • Plan to build cultures that are growth-oriented and that emphasize growth by putting customers first
  • Increased DEI programs from last year — two-thirds have established DEI goals for 2023 and are making real investments to achieve them

Download the executive summary to learn more.

Watch this video for a preview of these findings and insight from Alexander Group Principal Gary Tubridy. 

The survey insights will be explored in more detail as part of Alexander Group’s Leadership Series.

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