Sales benchmarks, when interpreted correctly, ensure sound decision-making on investments, strategies, headcounts and programs. Benchmarking enables data-driven insights and fact-based decision-making.

Before you can make any strategic decision regarding your sales organization−whether that’s investing in technology, adjusting headcount or changing sales compensation−you first need to know where your company stands. This can be an external measure (how you compare to other companies) or an internal one (how one business unit compares to another).

Off-the-shelf industry benchmark reports can get you started. But data itself is only useful if taken in the right context. The Alexander Group’s custom sales benchmarking engagement reports help you identify the important metrics, obtain the right data, interpret your data in light of your unique company situation and provide an objective review.

When the Alexander Group (AGI) selects benchmarks, it is a direct comparison by using data gathered from similar companies based on size, industry, type of sales model and types of selling roles. Alexander Group has perfected the art of data gathering over many years of project work and analysis of client organizations to deliver carefully devised action plans focused on improving sales effectiveness.

The AGI approach to sales benchmarking and data provides both top executive and sales management teams with the insight and direction needed to manage the journey to profitable revenue growth.

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