AGI-CaseStudies-Building-Supply-Company-Uses-Sales-PlaybooksSituation: A major building supply company wanted to accelerate growth in low-share, high-value markets. The company created a new sales role to focus on pull-through business from trade customers in these markets.

Challenge: To ensure the successful launch of the new sales role, leadership wanted to develop a sales playbook that would provide a clear roadmap for success and give sales reps targeted, relevant tools and content to generate immediate results.

Solution: Utilizing our expertise in playbook development, Alexander Group facilitated design sessions with the key stakeholders to identify and recommend key content sections to include in the playbook. We were able to leverage existing content as well as create new content to develop a ready-to-use playbook with effective messaging for the target market. The playbook clearly outlined the phases and steps of the sales process, the rules of engagement among roles, and tactics and tips for sales reps to identify and qualify new opportunities.

Benefit: The playbook was an integral tool during initial training for the newly hired reps, enabling them to get up to speed quickly. Sales reps and managers currently utilize the playbook on a regular basis to improve the effectiveness of their sales calls and provide more effective coaching.

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