One of the top five largest traditional media companies noticed their sales reps were focused on “comfort zone” product pushing versus the customer’s needs or the upsell. The company began to see a high churn of digital products and below market growth.

The company needed to restructure the sales organization to capture growth and align to their sales strategy. A shift to a customer-aligned solution selling approach would increase growth and sales rep productivity.

The Alexander Group, Inc. (AGI) led a complete sales transformation of strategy, structure and management for this media company. AGI created unique sales enablement and accountability tools to support the sales force and the shift to solution selling. This sales enablement tool included:

  • Sales Process – Documented with clear steps and focused on uncovering customer information
  • Value Propositions – Tailored to business categories to demonstrate expertise and successful solutions
  • Opportunity Pipeline – To keep track of accounts and upload completed needs analysis forms and proposals
  • Innovation Rooms – For reps to ideate with overlays and craft effective solutions
  • Leadership Scorecard – To keep track of sales transformation adoption and create accountability

The outcome for this media company was a successful sales transformation. They reported a year over year digital revenue increase of 22%+ in the 3 months following the project with a reduction in churn. The company also noted 75%+ of their sales reps are achieving >90% of goal vs historical ~60%.

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