Is Your Sales Organization Digital Ready?

The era of new technology and data is changing the way customers engage with you. Customers use online reviews, networks and social media to inform their opinions. They expect outcome-based purchasing and post-sales experiences. Customers expect to be in control.

In response, companies need to adapt to and deploy non-linear digital sales motions. Sales, marketing and service must work seamlessly across the entire buyer journey to increase their engagement with customers. Finance and sales operations teams can monetize better, more efficient enablement tools to help provide growth opportunities for existing resources.

Chris Klayko, managing director of Google Cloud Americas & Global EDU, and Dave Spencer, recent chief operating officer of SAP North America, recently shared a sneak preview into their upcoming keynote address that they will deliver at the Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum at The Ritz-Carlton in Naples, FL about the next chapter of digital sales and revenue growth.

With technology rapidly transforming the sales function, Chris and Dave discuss the evolution of the customer buying journey in the digital era and how technology can empower organizations to drive better outcomes.

At the Forum, you can explore these digital changes in depth and learn how to use them to your advantage. Join presidents, chief revenue officers, sales and marketing executives and ops leaders at the Forum and get first-hand transformation strategies and solutions across a comprehensive 3-day Forum agenda.

Learn how Alexander Group’s Forum can help you drive digital success and more in your pursuit of revenue growth.

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