Manufacturers across all segments are asking, What can we do to develop a better end-user experience?


According to Alexander Group’s recent Global Manufacturing Sales Practices Study, 98% of manufacturing executives interviewed believe that segmenting customers to create user-specific models is of utmost importance to meet the unique needs of buyers. However, only 30% have executed a buyer journey map successfully.

In the following podcast, Kyle Uebelhor of the Alexander Group discusses the importance of enhancing the end-user experience—successful manufacturers have achieved an 8% growth rate! (1:04 in podcast)—and the four steps to make this new approach a permanent part of your organization’s go-to-customer model.

Creating Better Connections With Customers

Need to create a stronger connection between your manufacturing organization and your customers? Using an agile, omnichannel approach, we can help you achieve growth over time as you create and implement your new GTC model. Contact an Alexander Group manufacturing leader today!


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