Go-to-Customer Study Explores Digital Readiness and Investments

The shift to digital is both a technological investment as well as a talent transformation. However, many companies struggle to define what ‘digital’ means for their organization. Does it mean purchasing new tools? Is it investing in new roles? Does it have to do with social media? And what is the impact on revenue?


The rise of technology coupled with new buyer expectations has created a requirement for companies to align their revenue motions across digital mediums. Revenue growth requires investments across six digital nodes: (1) buyer journey, (2) marketing coverage, (3) sales channels and roles, (4) service, (5) processes and tools, and (6) data science.

In response to the rapidly shifting digital environment, Alexander Group is launching its 2019/2020 Digital Go-to-Customer Study to provide actionable insights for leading companies. The study has three main benefits for participants:

1. Landscape of digital roles (across sales, marketing, and services) and tools
2. Your company’s go-to-customer data benchmarked against a set of peer companies
3. Recommendations for increasing sales performance and growth in a digital environment

As a participant, you will receive an individualized report with industry trends, best practices and benchmarks comparing your company’s summarized data findings to the industry.

Co-author: Efrain Garcia is a manager in Alexander Group’s San Francisco office.


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