What is the Digital Revenue Organization and how do I get started?

The average seller spends 66% of their time on non-selling activities. Digital enhancements can help reduce this time and improve your organization’s overall revenue growth. But how?

Listen to our recent interview with Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce.com and author of the book Growth IQ, on what makes the modern marketing, sales and service organization “digital” and how digital fundamentally changes B2B revenue growth.

The Digital Revenue Organization is comprised of data, process, and systems and tools. Tiffani shared her experience in these three areas and how your company should implement them.

“Digital is technology and transformation is people process. Both sides need to be in harmony to get the most out of the investments you’ve made.” – Tiffani Bova

Watch or listen to the full interview to gain insight into guiding principles and practical tips as you scope and bring your Digital Revenue Organization to life.

Digital Revenue Organization Expertise Sets the Stage for Future Growth

Alexander Group is a revenue operations leader assisting leading companies as they navigate a fundamental shift in how they grow revenue. No matter what the industry, creating a Digital Revenue Organization is a mandate for future growth.

For more details, download the whitepaper, The Digital Revenue Organization: Defining the Modern Marketing, Sales, and Service Model or contact us.


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Download Whitepaper: The Digital Revenue Organization

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