In our new book, “The Sales Growth Imperative,” we present four phases of sales department evolution:  Start-Up, Volume Growth, Re-Evaluation and Optimization.  We suggest that sales departments do indeed migrate through distinct phases of growth.  And that in each phase, the sales management challenges, opportunities and solutions evolve as well.  Our conclusion:  the growth rate of a company and its industry is a high predictor of sales management methods and means.

These findings suggest some radical conclusions:

First, not all solutions work all the time in all situations.  This observation means that so-called “best practices” are really situational solutions and are not proven, universal theorems.

Second, sales management is often the source of sales force obsolescence as leadership clings to past practices of previous phases.

And third, absent robust sales strategy planning competencies, a sales department can expend valuable resources on ineffective investments and solutions.

We hope you will enjoy these and other findings from  “The Sales Growth Imperative.” Let us know what you think, we welcome your comments!

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Industry: Cross-Industry

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