This storage product company’s redesigned sales organization and go-to market (GTM) model was not adequately supported by internal infrastructure required to scale new solutions in the marketplace. A major misalignment existed between the Business Unit, Sales and Marketing teams on target verticals/use cases, market opportunity and value propositions.

This company needed to establish foundational processes and programs to scale their newly launched business unit. An improved transparency and accountability of key cross functional processes was necessary for growth as well.

The Alexander Group, Inc. (AGI) designed and facilitated implementation of nine GTM programs through an overarching PMO. These comprehensive programs were developed to enable GTM execution. AGI also designed, implemented and scaled product alignment and sales forecasting processes. The defining of these processes introduced a discipline that helps match offerings to market opportunity and customer needs through alignment of Sales, Product and Marketing teams.

The company fully implemented nine programs that helped drive quarter-over-quarter growth. They also brought attention to functional misalignment and provided clarity to sales reporting and forecasting.

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