The value of sales analytics rests in having quality data, client context and expert interpretation

Sales analytics helps you define your strategy, achieve your plan, stay ahead of the competition and make decisions with confidence.

The use of sales analytics is at the heart of every Alexander Group project.

We maintain one of the largest databases of revenue-centric and sales benchmarks in the world, with data carefully gathered through dedicated research efforts, executive events and project work.

  • Client context: What does the analysis say in the context of your individual company? Spending time with your teams ensures that we capture and understand your specific situation, providing insight and recommendations in context with your company’s needs and circumstances.
  • Expertise: What do the analyses say of time-tested revenue growth and sales effectiveness principles and best practices? Through more than 200 revenue-focused engagements every year, we leverage our 35+-year firm-wide experience to ensure that the interpretation of sales analytics leads to the right conclusions and recommendations.

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