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Commercial analytics has become the cornerstone of sales and revenue strategy and operations. Top companies leverage commercial analytics for many relevant business applications, including:

  • Defining growth strategies and prioritizing investments
  • Refining marketing strategies
  • Organizing, scoring and prioritizing leads
  • Optimizing go-to-market models
  • Establishing revenue and productivity goals
  • Comparing marketing, sales and service costs
  • Predicting future ROI from commercial programs
  • Setting growth & profitability goals and sales quotas
  • Designing sales and incentive compensation programs

Commercial analytics clarifies business risk, helping companies develop strategies that reduce exposure, grow revenue and successfully meet business goals. The value proposition now expands beyond sales analytics, as companies use commercial analytics to better understand their industries and what drives value across the revenue organization – marketing, sales and service.

Commercial Analytics Is More Than Just Data

How do you leverage the value of the information stored in your data warehouse to create more effective customer experiences and maximize the return from your marketing, sales and service investments? This is the challenge that many companies face as they continue to use manual processes and “gut feel” to make major business decisions.

Leading companies now understand that commercial and sales analytics is more than just data; it must also include data context to derive valuable insights. Data context helps leaders understand how multiple data points relate to each other, including external business conditions, competitor movements, and customer interactions.

Choosing the right type of commercial analytics approach is essential.

  • Operational analytics provides insights that revenue organizations use to manage the day-to-day activities of the organization.
  • Strategic analytics offers insights used to make planning, resource allocation and strategy decisions that focus on the efficient utilization of your sales investments.
  • Benchmarks are targeted analytical outputs and compare results from internal metrics to external results to identify opportunities for improvement.

Commercial and go-to-market leaders make better business decisions and stay competitive when they leverage the expertise that understands how to combine data points, context and the right type of analytics for their business objectives. Commercial analytics, when done right, far exceeds the traditional “gut feel” approach, transforming decision-making with specific data-driven, actionable insights.

Your Partner for the Road from Data to Transformation

The long road from data to revenue growth solutions can be intimidating, making leaders hesitant to start their commercial analytics journey. Knowledgeable commercial analytics experts can guide you through the process of:

  1. Research & Benchmarks: Resource credible, trusted benchmarks and market practices that specifically apply to your industry and organization.
  2. Key Insights: Uncover the right insights that lead to valuable transformation initiatives.
  3. Go-to-Market Strategy: Develop specific goals, supported by analytics, that drive your business transformation.
  4. Execution: Embed newfound data insights and revised strategies into your organization to create results.
  5. Organizational change: Support the organization as it grows and adopts analytics-driven operations.

Rethinking commercial analytics accelerates change across the organization, drives revenue growth, improves competitive standing, and aligns operations.

Why You Need a Commercial Analytics Expert

It’s not just the data that is valuable; the true value lies in how you use the data.

Alexander Group has helped leading sales organizations by offering:

  1. Proprietary benchmarks and research: Alexander Group has a proprietary database of industry-specific commercial benchmarks and sales analytics that are constantly updated and help leading companies transform their revenue organization. Alexander Group uses thousands of distinct data points on structure, utilization, productivity and revenue growth as the foundation of our industry-specific benchmarks.
  2. Operational and strategic commercial and sales analytics: Alexander Group works with leading companies to uncover previously unknown insights that lead to massive transformation opportunities, supported by objective benchmarks and clear go-to-market strategies.
  3. Flawless execution: Alexander Group guides clients with proven methodologies and best practices that embed commercial analytics into their organizations for ongoing success.

Alexander Group’s expertise helps companies make their transformational sales goals a reality.

Commercial Analytics Success Examples

  • Changing the sales model. When a private equity-owned global software firm migrated from on-premise, perpetual license software to cloud-based, recurring revenue software, Alexander Group’s analysis revealed that high-cost sales resources were spending above-benchmark time on low-value activities such as reactive customer support, which was driving below-market sales productivity and quota attainment. Supported by Alexander Group’s data analysis, the software firm added new “customer success” roles to offload tasks from core sellers and support customers in the new subscription-based environment. These changes ultimately drove higher efficiency, sales productivity and subscription growth.
  • Refining segmentation. A digital marketing company aimed to improve customer retention rates and long-term relationships and drive down excessively high compensation cost of sales. Alexander Group used analytics to score customers on preliminary qualifications, refine the segmentation model, implement updated sales motions, and assign accounts to newly aligned sales roles better suited to specific opportunities.
  • New roles and coverage model. Alexander Group’s industry benchmarks revealed that a professional services firm was spending 36% more in compensation and driving only 12% higher per-seller productivity than benchmarks, mainly due to a large proportion of revenue coming from a small number of highly-tenured salespeople. Long ramp times were detracting from overall productivity. Alexander Group assisted the company to develop new job roles, a new coverage model and ramping process to drive higher per-seller revenue while maintaining costs.

Alexander Group has proven analytics expertise that realigns critical aspects of revenue operations and strategy. Engaging an industry leader to guide you through your analytics journey can pay off with expert knowledge, focused effort and less time to get you on the path to revenue growth.

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Alexander Group helps clients achieve their revenue goals with valuable analytics, industry expertise and real-world success.

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