Sales organizations recognize the constant need to change and innovate. Designing new go-to-customer models, enablement programs, processes and management programs is difficult and time consuming. Too often the results of these programs fall short, even with the best design. If the sales force refuses to change their behavior, the introduction of new practices can lead to confusion and mixed results. The Alexander Group believes that any change initiative must start and end with thinking about Implementation and Change Adoption. At the most fundamental level, change is a movement through three phases, Current State →Transition State →Future State. It is not enough just to “manage change” through these phases. It is imperative to “adopt change.”

Change adoption is critical for maximizing the impact new initiatives can have on supporting strategic objectives, motivating the sales force and encouraging differentiated results. Rolling out a new program and ensuring adoption are two different things. For any design effort, the leadership team must answer:

  • How do we make this stick?
  • How do we measure and show tangible results?
  • How do we continue to learn and evolve?

The Alexander Group has defined five focus areas to ensure successful implementation and change adoption:

  1. People Transition and Advancement – Construct strategic and tactical plans to determine leadership and sales talent capabilities to fulfill new requirements and accelerate ramp time.
  2. Tactical Launch – Define implementation road map; organize team roles and responsibilities, design and conduct launch event, prepare rapid execution program.
  3. Communication – Craft impactful leadership messaging, internal and external communication strategies, on-going value reinforcement, review and feedback loop.
  4. Enablement – Develop the tools, playbooks and workshops to reinforce and support execution excellence of future state vision.
  5. Ongoing Management – Create post-launch success metrics, test and learns, course correction, dashboards, executive reviews and course correction action plans.

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider attempting to move to a new way of doing business. More importantly, executives must weigh the risk of doing nothing vs. the risk of a failed implementation. The Alexander Group has the experience to guide you through each of these focus areas within Implementation and Change Adoption.

The next installments of this series will include an in-depth look at each of five components of the Alexander Group’s Implementation and Change Adoption practice.

Implementation and Change Adoption Framework

implementation & change adoption framework

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