Whether you’re undertaking a full-scale sales force transformation or fine-tuning a specific program, your plan is only as good as how well it is implemented.

A well-structured, tactical plan ensures the right results and the right activities. Change leaders need to embed new competencies into the organization, to continue to drive those results. The Alexander Group (AGI) not only develops great plans with you but can also help you successfully execute those plans in your organization. AGI will work with you on multiple dimensions of successful implementation and change adoption:

  1. Sales Playbooks. Develop comprehensive playbooks to guide sellers, as well as tools and workshops to engage, educate and help with implementation and adoption.
  2. Sales Enablement. When you give your sales force relevant content, training and tools, you enable sales success. AGI conducts thorough reviews of the related processes, tools and usage to ensure your support systems are in line with your revenue growth strategy.
  3. Collaborative Launch Design. Define the full details of how your organization will go from current to proposed state, then develop and implement a test-and-learn program. AGI conducts surveys to determine your organization’s readiness for change and an ROI analysis to estimate the direct costs, sales uplift and resulting profit.
  4. Communication. Effective communication is essential to rolling out a new program. AGI works with you to manage the overall communication process and cadence—supported by presentations, documentation, launch events and executive reviews. The result: all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the plan, its purpose and their role.
  5. Decision Support. Successful implementation requires continuous adjustments—driven by data. Through scenario modeling, retrospective assessments, monitoring and data management, AGI provides the insights you need to make ongoing leadership decisions. AGI empowers your organization with a culture of continuous improvement and sustainable change.
  6. Outsourcing. If your team lacks the expertise or resources to support change, AGI can supplement your team to provide sales management, enablement and operations support.

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