Implementing a DEI program takes time, but is necessary.

Delivering an exceptional customer and employee experience requires a workplace culture of respect, teamwork and resilience. Revenue organization workplace culture is not created overnight and involves a commitment to help employees to achieve their potential. While compensation is a key factor, it is not the only element. Feeling valued, connecting with the company vision, and having advancement opportunities are key elements to strong culture and cohesion. Employees trust that the organization will support them, and in turn, they offer their skills and high productivity to achieve company goals.

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Unlocking those skills, especially within collaborative teams, is just one of the benefits of a respectful DEI environment. Studies show that groups that are well-managed, respected and guided toward a common goal create uncommon results. In addition, these teams require diversity of thought, which can only be effectively delivered within an inclusive environment.

Implementing a DEI program takes time, but its success can be measured, including using data to assess equity for women and minority groups. Sample metrics include representation (in sellers, managers, support roles), pay (including base and incentive), tenure (time in a role/time to promotion), quota achievement, and employee turnover.

Alexander Group’s recent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion survey reveals that the highest category tracked among revenue organizations is recruitment, where 82% track multiple DEI categories, followed by leadership representation, where 67% track multiple categories. Over half (52%) track multiple categories for termination, and 45% track promotions and compensation.

Learn about all the steps needed to achieve a new level of relevance and competitiveness in the market in the DEI Excellence in the Revenue Organization whitepaper or contact us to learn how the Alexander Group can help.


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