DEI Excellence in the Revenue Organization

The Listening Imperative

Customers need to trust sellers, their products and the people who deliver them.

The role of a corporate leader, and in particular a revenue leader, has changed from one who commands to one who listens.

Revenue leaders listen to market signals to anticipate and successfully navigate disruptions. They also listen intently to sellers, service and front-line workers to capture the ever-evolving voice of the customer. Effective revenue leaders are active listeners, consistently gathering information from a wide variety of trusted sources to keep a finger on the pulse of their employees, customers and competitors.

“Inclusion is that sense of belonging, feeling that I’m in a trusted environment, I’m being heard, and I have the equal opportunity to be successful in my field.” – Wendy Bahr, Chief Commercial Officer at Rubrik

Revenue leaders who incorporate diverse voices into their collection of trusted sources can identify and address gaps within their market that are invisible to less attentive competitors. One such gap is the rising importance of delivering exceptional Customer Experience (CX) to meet the expectations of savvy consumers. Tracy Robertson, Global VP of CX at Kimberly-Clark, stated “80% of surveyed customers state that the buying experience is now as important as the products or services they buy.”

Revenue leaders recognize that capturing and elevating diverse voices internally is a valuable input to the CX equation. A diverse workforce is better equipped to capture and service the voices of the customers and communities it serves. Nearly half of the leaders surveyed in Alexander Group’s recent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion survey stated “meeting or exceeding customer expectations” as a primary reason for investing in DEI programs, acknowledging the connection between maintaining a diverse, motivated revenue organization and exceptional CX.

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