Episode 9: Physicians Survey Findings and Latest Industry Trends

The Alexander Group Healthcare Go-to-Customer Research: Physicians Survey Findings include input from 100 participants from private practice, ambulatory surgery centers and hospital settings.

The research showed that with third-party vendor in-person access limited in healthcare facilities, many physicians still prefer to interact virtually with their suppliers. Alexander Group’s research also found that healthcare organizations will need to adjust to commercial challenges beyond changing physician expectations. These challenges include supply chain disruptions that are resulting in significant backorder issues and increased costs, and larger-than-usual staff turnover within healthcare suppliers, with increasing pay expectations.

Episode 8: Annual Planning Process for Medical Companies

Mike Burnett and Mike White of the Alexander Group’s Medical practice discuss how to translate your revenue growth strategy into an actionable commercial plan. In Episode 8, learn how to organize your planning process with four primary phases:
1. Set the Strategy
2. Define Gaps
3. Design Solutions
4. Implement and Communicate

Episode 7: Revenue Growth Strategy Planning

Doug Beveridge and Tray Chamberlin of the Alexander Group discuss the key points that medical device companies should consider when developing their revenue growth strategy.

At 3:56 in Episode 7, learn more about the top three things medical device leaders should do to be successful in hitting their revenue growth goals:
1. Understand what (if any) changes have to be made to accommodate the new customer buying journey
2. Use new strategies, roles, coverage options and messages to reach my customers
3. Deploy programs to implement the new strategies to adapt to the new customer needs

Episode 6: Top Go-to-Customer Trends in the Medical Device Industry

Craig Ackerman, principal of the Alexander Group, shares in Episode 6 his perspective on how medical device companies are changing their go-to-customer models to grow revenue streams and market share in a constrained investment environment.

To maximize growth, companies have been diversifying their product portfolios and adding wider new roles. They’ve also continued to segment opportunities by revenue motion to effectively sell new, innovative solutions while maintaining their core legacy revenue streams.

Learn more about the Healthcare Go-To-Customer Study.

Episode 5: How to Effectively Drive Sales Across Diverse and Growing Product Portfolios

In Episode 5, Mike Burnett of the Alexander Group discusses a common challenge among medical device manufacturers – how to effectively drive sales across diverse and growing product portfolios.

Episode 4: Introducing the AGI Medical Device Revenue Growth Survey

In Episode 4, AGI Principal Craig Ackerman takes a deeper look into the medical device revenue growth survey and what it will include. He shares insights from past AGI studies as well. Listen now for more.

Episode 3: How Capital Equipment Vendors Gain Account Insight by Integrating the Deployment of Field Sales and Service Teams

In the medical selling environment, capital equipment vendors traditionally differentiate themselves on product performance and total cost of ownership. Alexander Group Vice President Mike Miller discusses in Episode 3 how capital equipment vendors gain account insight by integrating the deployment of field sales and service teams, and how this field approach can deliver results for vendors.

Episode 2: Medical Device Product Performance in the US

In Episode 2, AGI Vice President Mike Miller takes a deep dive into the medical device product performance in the United States. He shares insights from the recent AGI Medical Sales Index. Listen now for more.

Episode 1: Emergence of the Jr. Sales Rep in the Medical Device Industry

In Episode 1, Craig Ackerman with the Alexander Group discusses the emergence of the Medical Device Junior Sales Representative. Just a few short years ago this role was almost non-existent, but today 35% of Medical Device Sales Forces utilize a Junior Rep and the numbers keep growing. Listen now to learn more.

Learn more about Alexander Group’s Healthcare practice.


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