Participate in a study to help determine the strategies, insights and metrics that are influencing market dynamics.

The Life Sciences & Analytical Instruments industry is in a state of transformation. The current business environment is creating unique opportunities for commercial (sales, marketing, service) leaders. Many firms have realized sustained double-digit growth with demand for the industry’s solutions at an all-time high. However, inflation and the labor market are continuing to impact talent acquisition and retention while supply chain challenges have led to inventory prioritization and cost-based price increases.

As commercial leaders capitalize on near-term growth, they must also evaluate the market trends that will impact progress as they plan for the next three to five years. Alexander Group is pleased to present the opportunity for executives within the Life Sciences & Analytical Instruments industry to participate in a study to help determine the strategies, insights and metrics that are influencing market dynamics.

The study will include interviews with top commercial executives and market leaders that will focus on the following key areas:

  1. Transitioning to a customer-centric model
    • How is customer success permeating the commercial model?
    • How should we deploy our resources?
  2. Prioritizing investment to drive efficiency
    • How do we capture efficient growth?
    • How can we leverage revenue operations and other centers of excellence?
  3. Utilizing modern marketing capabilities
    • How do we bring the modern marketing organization to life?
  4. Deploying the hybrid sales rep of the future
    • How can field reps be virtually successful?
  5. Recruiting and retaining premier talent
    • How has the current labor market impacted compensation costs?

In addition, the following metrics will be collected from participants to provide in-depth benchmarks on commercial roles, growth drivers, investment profiles and compensation.

Revenue & Cost

  • Expense/Revenue %
  • Revenue/Seller
  • Revenue Growth Rate
  • Sales Expense/Seller
  • Compensation Cost of Sales
  • % of Revenue by Product Type (Capital, Consumable, Software, Service)

Roles & Coverage

  • Span of Control
  • Field to Inside Ratio
  • Support Roles (Pre-sales, Specialists, Rev Ops)
  • Seller Turnover %
  • % Reps at/Above Quota

Sales Compensation

  • Base Pay
  • Variable Pay
  • Total Compensation
  • Pay Mix

The research will build upon prior Alexander Group studies along with insights from 100+ client engagements. It will also incorporate external research (global trends, competitive disruption) for key industry segments.

Participation is complimentary. All data is confidential and shared only in aggregate. A full report of the findings and custom comparisons based on our research, benchmark database and industry experience will be provided to all participants.

To join the study, please sign up online or contact a Life Sciences & Analytical Instruments practice lead.


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