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Women Revenue Leaders EMEA Program

Executing a well-designed strategy is imperative for success, but there are more pieces to the puzzle required to achieve a positive outcome. While today’s leaders need a singular focus to achieve the goals they are accountable for, they must also continually incorporate other perspectives, resulting in an expanding, 360° leadership viewpoint.

Leaders across industries are rapidly learning to integrate multiple perspectives so they can adapt to an everchanging business environment. Alexander Group frequently hears from clients that they cannot lead alone and are only successful if they leverage the knowledge and insights of others, including their teams and peers.

Alexander Group recently created a Women Revenue Leaders EMEA program to provide a space for business leaders and industry experts to discuss contemporary business issues, ideas and solutions affecting revenue teams from the perspective of women leaders.

After the inaugural meeting of the group, three crucial areas of change were discussed as executives look to 2023 as a year of growth, starting within the organisation.

Expanding Horizons

Team support and input are key in leading action and implementing practical applications in the organisation. While strategy and roadmaps play essential roles, minor adjustments based on real-world team successes can make a noticeable difference. Leaders learn how to build team trust by implementing new tactics that address changing attitudes. Alexander Group’s Women Revenue Leaders EMEA Program discussed successful concepts to achieve this, including:

Exploring employee lifetime value: Investments in people can be valued more broadly in the organisation than just ROI, productivity or efficiency. For example, skill building can enhance company culture and should be protected long-term, so employees feel valued and supported in their career without taking their skills to a new employer.

Expanding employee career paths: Thoughtfully designed corporate programs attract workers by empowering and prioritizing their personal branding, flexibility and learning across multiple disciplines. This approach allows the company and the employee to find the best fit for their talents within the organisation.

Evaluating critical management competencies: Are traditional sales skills attracting talent and building the culture while meeting the needs of young professionals? Can a mindset that includes adopting different life experiences, skills and approaches be considered by the organisation to foster and grow teams? Growing the revenue organisation requires considering new alternatives and aptitudes.

Revenue leaders must continue to transform limited perspectives. However, success lies in incorporating multiple viewpoints while discerning which solutions will impact the revenue organisation. Leadership communities can make the difference between wasting time with failed attempts and making incremental, lasting improvements to the organisation.

Instilling Team Trust

Leaders understand that they cannot reach their goals without growing and maintaining the trust of their teams. Employees now require more than a paycheck. They must be seen, heard and respected for their contributions, and revenue leaders need to be able to provide this trust.

Companies must acknowledge employee needs across the organisation and provide programs demonstrating commitment. DEI initiatives, pay transparency and career paths are common ways to instill trust. However, executive leadership must publicly support and drive these programs, or the organisation will fail to build trust.

Alexander Group’s recent Women Revenue Leaders EMEA session identified issues that included having few women in revenue leader roles, difficulty recruiting the “right” talent and continued talent acquisition, and management challenges. Addressing these pervasive issues requires understanding the problem from all sides while incorporating innovative solutions. Most leaders understand that there is no single solution, but see that incremental change based on new insights can result in a remarkable improvement.

Building a Leadership Community

Addressing pervasive issues requires revenue leaders to draw upon the support of their peers, reaching out more frequently to gain and offer advice. Alexander Group’s events have revealed behind-the-scenes best practices, including “what’s working now?” insights that are critical to success. Leaders don’t have to go it alone. There are numerous opportunities to expand perspectives into team building, employee challenges, revenue strategies and other issues that drive success.

Alexander Group’s community events bring leaders in group programs, facilitating discussions around their most pressing issues. These executives learn from each other and expand their perspectives through engaging talks, leading to practical applications in their companies. These communities rely on each other to solve problems from the lens of a peer with similar challenges and opportunities.

Exploring Revenue Leader Forums

Alexander Group’s revenue leaders events offer the opportunity to learn from peers about what’s working in our changing business environment.

The focus for the Women Revenue Leaders EMEA program is to foster the EMEA women’s revenue leadership community, to create a forum for enabling leadership growth, sharing, mentorship development and personal development, and to provide a platform to raise and discuss business executive issues affecting revenue teams from the perspective of women leaders.

Participation in the program fosters and enables a community of business leaders committed to the growth of their personal leadership legacy and the resilience of their respective organisations.

For more information on the Women Revenue Leaders EMEA Program or to learn more about our upcoming events, contact Priya Ghatnekar.

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