Go-To-Customer Symposium Panel Discussion Highlights


40+ sales, sales strategy and sales compensation leaders convened at this daylong symposium at Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco to focus on best practice technology/XaaS sales compensation solutions and much more. These panel discussion highlights include topics on sales coverage, jobs, the customer success role, adoption & expansion, renewals and customer success sales compensation.

Episode 4: Moving to XaaS: Interview with Dr. Robert Bieshaar of Autodesk

In Episode 4, Ted Grossman and Rachel Parinello, principals with the Alexander Group, interviewed Dr. Robert Bieshaar of Autodesk to discuss the journey his company has taken to transition to XaaS, as well as sales compensation design challenges and how key sales behavior changes are impacting his role.


Episode 3: Five Key Sales Technology and XaaS Sales Compensation Challenges

Alexander Principals Ted Grossman and Rachel Parrinello discuss in Episode 3 the five key sales technology and XaaS sales compensation challenges and how the Alexander Group can assist in overcoming them.


Episode 2: Revenue Growth Trends in the Technology Industry

In Episode 2, Alexander Group Sales Leaders Sean Ryan and Ted Grossman explore the coverage model changes in tech that are emerging as a result of the movement from perpetual license on-premise solutions towards cloud-based as a service subscription and consumption models.


Episode 1: Selling Tech to the “Front Office” – Challenges in the Tech Industry

In Episode 1, Sean Ryan and Ted Grossman explore the challenges in the technology industry. One area that is most prominent is the shift from selling to strictly IT buyers to selling to functional buyers (HR, finance, etc) within organizations. One question they hear often is: How can a company take this change into account and help increase revenue growth? Listen now to hear how the Alexander Group and this Technology team can help your business grow.

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Insight type: Podcast

Industry: Technology

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership


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