How companies execute growth strategies will look fundamentally different in 2022 and beyond.

The coming quarters will be a transformative time for the Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments industry. Instrument installed bases have exploded. Demand for the industry’s solutions is at an all-time high. Commercial leaders must balance capitalizing on near-term growth while preparing for the future.

Leading industry players will revamp their three-to-five-year strategic plans while diligently executing on immediate term growth opportunity. They will align resources with high-growth markets and build (or advance) digital and operational capabilities that will serve as a foundation for the coming decade of growth. Leaders will leverage new commercial benchmarks to guide headcount investments and management performance. Training and enablement will be a point of emphasis as these leaders race to fill in the ranks and deliver growth.

Watch Arshad Carim and Raj Sharan, Alexander Group Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments practice leaders, as they discuss the five key priorities for commercial leaders as they traverse the surging growth of the industry and address the concerns many leaders are experiencing as they head into the new year.

Watch the rest of this series on Industry Trends: Catalysts for Commercial Change.

The opportunity is at hand. Seizing it will require agility, discipline and new thinking. Just as this industry has continued to innovate products through scientific expertise and advancement, commercial model evolution and innovation is an imperative no leader can ignore in the coming year.

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