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Promoting Sustainable Growth through Enduring Leadership

Alexander Group’s new research on Enduring Leadership explores key leadership factors that consistently grow top-line revenue.

The pandemic recently proved that it is possible to grow sustainably and profitably during periods of economic struggle, but only with the guidance of compelling and thoughtful leaders to navigate the way ahead. Exemplifying Enduring Leadership principles is essential to fostering successful businesses that stand the tests of time.

Alexander Group has identified 450 companies with the highest levels of sustainable growth and profitability based on a quantitative analysis of firms’ annual financial reporting over the past 20 years (2001-2021) and conducted an initial survey to attempt to narrow down the key tenets of Enduring Leadership among top-performing companies.

Research on this topic has just begun; throughout 2022, we’ll continue to analyze top-performing companies, trying to better understand, quantitatively and qualitatively, what truly drives them to succeed over the long term.

The findings from the initial research are structured into eight important tenets of Enduring Leadership. These eight tenets are organized into four broader Enduring Leadership Pillars: Mission, Culture, Talent and Operations.


Enduring Leadership

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