Executive Events

Interview with Keynote Speaker Jim Norton, Chief Business Officer and President of Revenue at Condé Nast

Gary Tubridy, senior vice president of Alexander Group, interviews Jim Norton of Condé Nast about his keynote discussion at the 2017 Chief Sales Executive Annual. Jim talks about leading a transformation of consequence – how product-centric marketing and sales motions miss the growth opportunity defined by customers who seek results, often the largest and fastest growing segment.


Interview with Keynote Speaker Bill Taylor, Best-selling Author and Founder of Fast Company Magazine

In this podcast, Bill Taylor, best-selling author and founder of Fast Company magazine, provides a preview of his 2017 CSE Forum Keynote discussion on how sales and marketing organizations differentiate themselves. This interview with Gary Tubridy, Sr. VP of Alexander Group, includes insights from Bill’s best-selling book – Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways.


The Changing Customer Contract and the Role of the CRO

In this podcast, Gary Tubridy, Sr. VP of Alexander Group, provides a glimpse of the upcoming discussion at the Chief Sales Executive Forum around the role of the Chief Revenue Officer. Based on interviews with some of the panelists, he examines the rationale for adding the CRO position and how CROs can be a catalyst of change for a sales organization.

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