Sales Compensation

Episode 4: Start-Up Companies: How to pay the new sales force

David Cichelli of the Alexander Group shares advice in Episode 4 on how to structure your sales compensation plans for a new sales force in start-up companies. Listen to learn more.


Episode 3: How to access and build a best in class sales compensation program

In Episode 3, Alexander Group Principal Rachel Parrinello shares insights and best practices for your company to effective learn how to access and build a best in class sales compensation program.


Episode 2: 2016 Global Sales Comp Practices Survey Summary

Are sales compensation practices within companies going “global?” The short answer is “yes.” David Cichelli shares a summary in Episode 2 of the results from the 111 sales departments who participated in this year’s AGI 2016 Multi-Country Sales Compensation Practices Survey.


Episode 1: The Alexander Group’s Sales Compensation Trends  Survey Findings

In Episode 1, David Cichelli asks these sales effectiveness questions: In 2016, what was the increase in the sale compensation budget for sales departments? How many companies changed their sales compensation plans for 2016? What is the average sales force turnover for sales departments? Listen now to learn the answers, as well as thought provoking findings from the 2016 Alexander Group Sales Compensation Trends Survey.

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