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Kevan Savage


Kevan Savage is a principal for the Alexander Group. He leads the Marketing practice and is an expert in the Firm’s marketing and digital commercial practices. His areas of focus include marketing and digital strategy, market segmentation and coverage, demand generation and GTM transformations. Kevan is known as a passionate advocate for marketing to build brand, drive sales and transform the trajectory of companies and markets.

Prior to joining Alexander Group, Kevan spent over 20 years leading marketing and digital teams across life sciences, education, software, travel and hospitality, and retail companies. His B2C and B2B experience include global marketing, brand, product marketing, digital marketing, eBusiness, analytics, digital product management and marketing operations.

He is recognized for his leadership skills in go-to-market strategy with a proven record of making improvements across product, sales and marketing teams. In particular, he has successfully managed multiple digital sales and commercial channels for Fortune 500 and startup companies, contributing to billions of dollars of growth and market capitalization.