Say Goodbye to Information Asymmetry: Balance the Sales Equation

By: Andrew Horvath Digital Transformation, Distribution, Manufacturing

In a recent article entitled, “Are Silos Stalling Innovation at Your Company? Here’s How to Solve the Problem,” Andrew Horvath, principal and Distribution practice lead at the Alexander Group, weighed in on the changing sales landscape as today’s customers have unprecedented access to information. According to Andrew, “The value of a salesperson is not to make me aware of options, but it’s to take what I think I need, figure it out on the back end and make it work for me.”

Read the full article published in The Washington Post.

Whether you’re struggling with legacy sales models, still using a siloed approach with customers or need to fine tune an existing GTM approach, Alexander Group can help effectively balance your sales equation—pre-sale, sale and post-sale—the right way.

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Andrew Horvath

Andrew Horvath is a principal in the Chicago office. He co-leads the Distribution practice, monitoring trends and creating strategies to help growth-focused organizations stay on top of a rapidly changing market. He also supports the firm’s Private Equity practice, working with portfolio companies of growth-focused private equity firms to grow revenue organically. Andrew applies his expertise in customer segmentation and go-to-customer coverage to help clients optimize complex sales models. He also works with Fortune 500 companies across other industries, including manufacturing and high tech.

Prior to joining the Alexander Group, Andrew was a consultant at Stax, Inc., where he managed market due diligence, competitive intelligence, go-to-market strategy, new product testing and marketing strategy engagements for corporate and private equity clients. He designed and executed voice-of-the-customer studies for clients in multiple industries and across several geographies. Andrew has also worked in commercial banking as an internal strategy consultant.

Andrew has an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a B.A. in economics from the College of the Holy Cross.