Market Forces are Exerting Pressure

While the life sciences and analytical instruments industry is still witnessing surging growth, it simultaneously is enduring multiple market pressures including inflation, supply chain challenges, COVID-related business fluctuations, M&A activity and a highly competitive race for talent. As the industry changes, commercial leaders wonder if their go-to-customer strategies are evolving fast enough to keep up.

Alexander Group can help align products, marketing, operations and finance efforts behind a successful organization.


Revenue Motions: Establishing and enabling more complex and diverse field teams aligned with emerging buyer journeys to drive workflow and application selling.
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Sales Incentives: Establish more pay for performance sales compensation plans
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Sales Analytics: Address attribution, real-time impact and ROI
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Industry Research: Data, Trends and Benchmarks
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Modern Marketing Organization: Evaluate current and new markets, areas of opportunity, and optimize marketing channels, mix and return
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