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Sean Giancola - NY Post - Alexander Group

Sean Giancola
NY Post


Lean Into Change & Your Team for Success

“Leadership is getting in the trenches with your team”. Tune in to the latest episode as Matt Bartels chats with Sean Giancola, chief executive officer & publisher at New York Post, who shares his advice for kickstarting your career, hiring & retaining outstanding staff and leading your team to success.
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Jason Wagenheim - BDG-Alexander Group

Jason Wagenheim

Lead from behind

Listen in as Matt Bartels chats with Jason Wagenheim, president & chief revenue officer at BDG, as he shares his advice for creating a thriving culture of communication, trust, and respect with your team, and how to set yourself up for success as a leader.
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About the Podcast 

How do you build success in the increasingly unpredictable world of media sales? What does it take to be a top-notch media sales leader? Is there a secret sauce?

Join Matt Bartels as he speaks with experienced executives who share their journey within the whimsical world of media ― from industry transformations to personal stories of success, failures and learnings along the way.

Get the inside scoop with these exclusive, one-on-one chats showcasing game-changing tactics to transform your revenue vision into profitable results.

Matt Bartels - Media Podcast- Alexander Group, Inc.


Alexander Group Media Study | Moving Past the Pandemic and into Hyper-Growth

Igor Uroic and Quang Do, Alexander Group Media practice
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Part 2: Own the organization you want to be a part of

Sarah Personette, Twitter
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Part 1: Fail fast, learn faster

Sarah Personette, Twitter
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Leadership: It’s all connected

Geoff Schiller, Group Nine Media
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Don’t be afraid to take risks

Deirdre Lester, Barstool Sports
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Have the mindset of always learning

Jon Kaplan, Pinterest
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Believe in yourself

Lex Josephs, Sam’s Club
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Confidence is key

Scott Kelliher, Quantcast
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