Industry Focus: Medical Device

Creating revenue growth through sales for medical sales companies

Medical device leaders are expected to deliver growth in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing sales environment.

Even in the fast evolving medical environment, growth through sales excellence is possible. With service offerings for Medical Device, the revenue growth experts at Alexander Group can show you how.

Alexander Group helps medical technology companies see their changing environment through a new sales lens. Often, lessons can be learned from other industries. Compared to B2B enterprise technology companies, medical technology vendors spend 10% more on sales rep compensation and have 25% more reps as a percentage of total sales headcount. Yet B2B enterprise technology companies achieve far higher revenue contribution per sales rep. They do this by investing more in account management programs and productivity levers such as field support and sales operations.

eBook: Medical device executives are expected to deliver revenue growth in a complex and changing sales environment. The Alexander Group Medical Device practice leaders can show you how to align your resources and position your organization for greater success.

To grow, medical technology companies must take decisive action. Challenging yesterday’s legacy sales models will allow medical device sales organizations to:

  • Deploy an improved mix of sales resources into the new selling environment
  • Gain market access with compelling value propositions to a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Align support programs for better account management and sales coverage

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