2019 Technology Industry Predictions

2018 was a historic year for technology companies. For the first three quarters, it seemed there was no end in sight to escalating share prices and profits for tech companies. Quite suddenly in Q4, the market began to change. Companies surrendered gains reaped earlier in the year more rapidly than they had materialized in the first place.

The state of the tech market in 2019 is one of uncertainty and volatility. The companies that will survive and thrive are those who effectively operate their commercial strategies better than their competitors do; winning in 2019 will be about successful execution across the technology customer-buying journey.

Alexander Group recently released the 5th edition of its XaaS Sales Strategy Study. The study identified several important trends and imperatives that will define how companies drive results in 2019 and beyond.

Tech Companies are:

  1. Adapting revenue motions and roles to emerging XaaS buyer journeys
  2. Investing in digital engagement/roles to acquire new buyers
  3. Instilling a culture of growth-oriented customer success
  4. Aligning talent profiles and incentive compensation with XaaS selling
  5. Deploying new metrics and tactics to evaluate XaaS success

Download the whitepaper to read more about each of these five trends and how you can implement them in 2019.


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