Case Study

Established Consistent Sales Leadership Expectations With Playbook Development

This leading global energy management company’s front line sales leader activities were not clearly defined, leading to ad-hoc management styles with inconsistent outcomes. The sales leaders lacked a formalized process for people development, including salesforce reviews and training.

This company needed to define best practices for coaching, people development, and business management expectations. The creation and standardization of sales leadership expectations, support tools and training programs was top priority.

The Alexander Group, Inc. (AGI) assessed the current company front line sales leader best practices and benchmarked time profiles with the AGI database. AGI defined key activities and expectations for leaders across three major categories: Strategic Planning, Business Management and People Development. In addition, AGI identified key sales enablement tools. The AGI best-in-class coaching practices and tools were applied to facilitate the creation of a sales leadership playbook. Leadership guiding behaviors aligned sales leader values, job definitions and key responsibilities.

The company has a codified approach for front line sales managers to manage their business. Expectations are clearly set, and activities are clearly defined.

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