A London-based cloud software company engaged the Alexander Group to understand the market opportunity and considerations for sales force expansion into Germany. Sales leadership desired to understand the Total Available Market (TAM) for their offerings, and to gain insights on sales investment and coverage model considerations for board-level review to inform their market expansion plans.

The client had established a strong and fast growing business in the U.K. market but was uncertain how well this success would transfer to the market of Germany where market conditions differ with respect to cloud adoption, data security and privacy. The leadership wanted to quantify the over all potential in Germany, as well as the opportunity by vertical, company size and geographic area. They also desired an understanding of market conditions to inform their expansion strategy and roadmap.

Working in close collaboration with the client’s sales strategy and operations team, Alexander Group evaluated sources for market data, guided the acquisition of data and developed a dynamic model to analyze the German market opportunity. Running the model produced specific strategic guidance to prioritize the segments and markets for expansion focus. Alexander Group also provided direction on sales strategy, messaging and deployment to ensure the greatest likelihood of success.

Upon review, the software company’s board approved the German market expansion plans and is in the final stages of preparing for market entry. The Alexander Group modeling and recommendations provided the necessary quantification and guidance to move forward with confidence.

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Insight type: Case Study

Industry: Technology

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: International, Strategy

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